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4 Week Top Position 


Week 1

Back Control

Cross Collar Choke

Loop Choke

Bow And Arrow Choke

Hand Fighting

Week 2

Mount Control


S-Mount Switch

S-Mount Bow And Arrow

S-Mount Armbar

Week 3

Side Control


Top Spin Armbar

Baseball Choke or Paper Cutter

Week 4

Turtle Control

Triangle Leg Gap To Back

Bringing Them Down To Back

Clock Choke

Armbar Option 1


16 Week DE LA RIVA Masterclass


Week 1

My Fort In De La Riva

Explanation Of Worlds/Families

Balance In De La Riva

Basic Off Balance In De La Riva

How To Finish Sweep+Key Detail

Both Arms Posted

Overriding The Knee

Week 2

Person Removes Foot From Hip

Person Removes Foot Elbow In

No Gi Grip

Taking Out The De La Riva Hook+Palm In

Changing Sides


Week 3

Family Two Collar And Leg. Introduction 

Side Sweep

Weight On Back Leg

How To Remove Foot When Is Too High. Manipulation Of Foot Placement

Week 4

World One Overhead Sweep. Introduction 

Basic Berimbolo Or Sweep

Overhead From Knee Cut

Knee Torque. Changing Angel To Hip Grip.


Week 5

Multiple Ways Sweeping With Belt Grip and Cross Grip

Person Opening The Knee Variation

Person Takes Out De La Riva

Multiple Ways To finish Sweep

Week 6

Armbar And Omoplata From De La Riva

Kimura From De La Riva

Armbar Post On The Other Side

Week 7

World Two Deadlift Base. Introduction 

9 Ways To Get To De La Riva

Attacks With Ankle

Week 8

Hugging De La Riva

Feeding Lapel And Belt


Week 9

Changing Sides In De La Riva

Cross Lapel Series Introduction 


Week 10

Deep De La Riva. Setups+Hand Fighting Concepts

Variation World One

Sweep Variations Getting Over Knee 

Week 11

Two Backtake Variations

Three Alternative Sweeping Variations

Week 12

Underhooking Back Leg. Sweeping Back Leg With Underhook To Top

Sweeping Back Leg With Underhook To Top

Underhook De La Riva Introduction+Taking The Back

Week 13

Taking The Back Underhook De La Riva

Variation #2

Variation #3  

Weight On Back Leg

Week 14

Waiter Introduction+Breaking Grips

How To Sweep In Waiter

Waiter To Babybolo

Waiter To Bolo

Week 15

Alternative Waiter Entries+Review Sweep And Bolo

Week 16

Below The Knee Line Sweep

Alternative Backtake

De La Riva Weight On Feet Sweep.

Getting To Waiter

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